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I started this set of books in 1998, but I was never happy with the direction, particularly SCARS. I was distracted several times by studying, work, and other projects, and every time I came back to this with more life experiences, I wanted to have the books reflect “where I was now at”, so to speak. The genre - I suppose that this is best described as part science-fiction, part fantasy-fiction - was always a difficult one for me to commit to in terms of a large project because there is already what a bookshop clerk I once spoke to referred to as “an already saturated marketplace”, but as he also said, it is saturated because it is a popular genre and there is always room for one more provided it is good enough, and I hope that my work fits that bill.

Me? I am a twice-over technology graduate with an interest in writing (obviously enough). I have always tried to diversify my interests and skills, but in-between all the studying and working, Pact of Deliverance has always been something that I have come back to. It has grown with me into something entirely different from its genesis in the mid-90s, becoming something stronger and better (I hope).

The whole thing - as and when I finish it in-between other projects - will be 6 volumes: three concurrent that tell separate stories that will merge into one, and then three consecutive volumes that complete the story.

I stopped at SOULS but have not stopped indefinitely. The third book is, I admit, going to be released a long time after the other two, but that is because of other commitments constantly getting in the way: it will eventually be done, though, because I do feel - despite, as anyone that visited the site until its last overhaul would know, that I did have a downer on the project for a while - that it is a story worth telling.

Nothing left to say except "Thanks" and "I hope you enjoy the book(s)".

A. P. M. Cousins

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